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Category: Diversity & Inclusion, Gender & LGBTQ, Leadership and Management, Personal & Professional Development


Diverse Matters is a diversity and inclusion consultancy that works with organisations within the UK and globally to embed diversity, equity and inclusion within their practices. We use a tailored approach to provide high-level and interactive face-to-face and webinar learning courses and programmes. We work with organisations to ensure that the services required meet the specific needs of the organisation and are fit for purpose as 'one size
does not fit all'.

Why should Diversity, Equity, Equality and Inclusion Matter to organisations? Research has evidenced that recruiting and retaining diverse teams and implementing an inclusive culture enhances the performance of organisations. Addressing Equality also ensures you are addressing legal compliance and ensuring your organisation understands its role in removing barriers and eliminating discrimination in your services and teams.

Our courses support participants in understanding lived experiences, how to enhance how they collaborate with diverse teams and clients/customers/service users, and practical advice and support.

Our team have extensive experience within Diversity and Inclusion with many of our team having over 20 years’ experience in developing and delivering training.

Our mission is to authentically, and with purpose, support organisations to enhance their inclusion, equity and inclusive practice. We do this with passion, honesty, without bias and a positive attitude.

Accredited Activities:

  • Dignity At Work / Bystander Intervention
  • Equality, Equity, Diversity And Inclusion
  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Social Mobility – Why It Should
  • Form Part Of The DEI Agenda (1 Hour Version)
  • Inclusive Language (1 Hour Version)
  • Managing Mental Health And Wellbeing In The Work Place (Managers)
  • Intersectionality – Why We Should Consider It In Dei Practice (1 Hour Version)
  • Meeting The Needs Of Diverse Service Users
  • Dignity And Respect At Work – Addressing Workplace Culture (1 Hour Version)
  • Diversity And Inclusion For Managers/Managing Diverse Teams
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender + (LGBT+) Awareness
  • Trans Inclusion
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Disability Inclusion/Awareness
  • Conscious Inclusion
  • Gender Inclusion
  • Sex, Gender And Intersectionality
  • Embedding Inclusion In Education
  • Equality Analysis / Equality Impact Assessments

Who Should Attend:

Our courses support participants to understand lived experiences, how to enhance how they work and support diverse teams/ clients/customers/service users, practical advice and support, and tools to enhance their practice.

We support and deliver to individuals and organisations and individuals who want to enhance their practice regarding Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EEDI). Following attendance of our courses, participants will have a greater understanding of the importance and benefits of EEDI to the organisation, recognising how it enhances innovation, productivity, employee wellbeing and their practice. In addition to being better equipped to understand a wider range of lived experiences, and challenges and how to remove barriers so there is equity for all.

Diverse Matters delivers training to all sectors including Health, Education, Marketing/Media, Retail, Architecture, Science, Technology, Public Sector, Professional Services, Housing, Arts, Culture and Film.

You can see some of the clients we have supported here.

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