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Global Performing Educational Curriculum

The course is aimed at those who are interested in adding our syllabuses to their existing school, opening a new business, and furthering training. Suitable for existing teachers, those wanting to open new businesses, and all ages and abilities including uni/college/school leavers.

Global Performing Educational Curriculum (GPEC) celebrates the uniqueness of their association and welcomes teachers and fitness instructors from the UK and overseas. We like to inspire our members to aim high and dream BIG for an exciting future. We welcome new students that are just starting out with our low-cost pre-teachers course that includes a step-by-step DVD to support the students while teaching the lower levels to start off with, and a business plan to help them get up and running. Once the students have passed the pre-teachers course they are qualified as introductory dance or drama teachers which allows the student to start teaching the lower levels over a 2-year period with support from GPEC and continuous training until they finally pass their associate qualification.

Accredited Activities:

  • Modern Jazz
  • Acrobatics/Gymnastics
  • Drama
  • Ballet
  • Broadway American Tap

Who Should Attend:

Dancers, performers, fitness instructors, teachers, anyone with a background in performing arts, acrobatic teachers, dancing teachers, drama, actors, and anyone who wants a new career or changes careers and looking for part-time or full-time jobs. Earning potential between £30,000 – £50,000 plus.

Benefits of the Course:

To enhance what you already know, to learn a new skill, to follow on with a career or career change. Improve confidence, add to a C.V. To gain self-worth and a sense of achievement, and improve knowledge and training. Finally allows you to combine your love of performance with skills in choreography, teaching, producing, and creating. It allows you to develop skills including administration, and marketing and help you build a business.

Courses Available:

Modern jazz dance, acrobatics/gymnastics, broadway tap, ballet and drama. Courses are available separately or all five together depending on what course you choose.


Our courses: The courses have been specially designed to fast-track you to become an instructor. The aim of the courses is to give you training and help you get your business up and running. Everyone will get something from this course, it’s interesting even if you do not want to run a business and if you already have one this will help even more and you can add some of our amateur or professional syllabuses to your class activities.

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