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Sara Davison, The Divorce Coach, is a twice best-selling author, Coach Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and global media commentator. Sara’s Breakup & Divorce Coach Practitioner Accreditation Programme is an online course for those interested in learning coaching and people reading skills to use with clients.

Delegates will learn:

  • How to become a confident highly effective Coach
  • Powerful transformational techniques & strategies to create positive fast results for clients
  • Instant deeper understanding of clients & how to help them achieve the results they want
  • Essential skills to cope better with any breakup
  • Ongoing support & training within the Facebook Coaching Community Group

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Accredited Activities:

  • Break-Up and Divorce Coach Practitioner Accreditation Online Training Programme
  • Breakup and Divorce Coaching Master Practitioner

Who Should Attend:

Anyone looking to develop their coaching skills and gain a deeper understanding of how to effect positive transformations with clients. If you work with clients experiencing relationship breakups these skills will compliment your work such as Family Law, Finance, Property, Mental Health, Coaching.

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