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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 41213

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Category: Business Skills, Health & Safety, HR & Recruitment, Leadership and Management, Management, Personal & Professional Development


SuperWellness are workplace wellbeing specialists with a lifestyle-centred focus. We work with forward-thinking employers to support and empower their teams to make healthy choices that will benefit physical and mental health for the long-term. We were founded in 2011, and since then, we’ve worked with over 250 organisations across multiple sectors and developed tried-and-tested approaches for engaging diverse workplace audiences with wellbeing. Our services include wellbeing webinars, long-term programmes, monthly content subscriptions, on-site testing and food demonstrations. In 2021 we launched SuperChamps, a membership programme aimed at supporting wellbeing leaders and champions through training, monthly toolkits and regular networking events.

Accredited Activities:

  • Allergy Awareness in the Workplace
  • Pensions, Benefits and Wellbeing – The Need for Financial Wellbeing
  • Blood Pressure
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Supporting Sleep Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Anger and Self Compassion
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Evidence-Based Lifestyle Strategies for Cancer Prevention
  • Preparing for Endometriosis Awareness Month
  • Wellbeing, Wildlife & Conservation
  • Whole Person Approach to Resilience
  • Understanding Neurodivergence
  • Menopause Awareness at Work Training
  • Wellbeing Leadership Training
  • Wellbeing Championship Training
  • Back Care Awareness
  • Promoting Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • Working with Grief & Loss in the Workplace
  • Menopause Awareness at Work
  • Breathe & Thrive: Harnessing the Power of Breath for Optimal Health
  • Supporting People Living with Cancer Through Diet and Lifestyle
  • Ignite Your Fitness Journey
  • Thriving in High-Pressure Environments
  • Enhancing Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Cancer Journey
  • The Power of Perseverance
  • Wellbeing Centred Line Management Training
  • Becoming A Disability Confident Employer
  • Understanding Diabetes in the Workplace

Who Should Attend:

Workplace wellbeing leaders and champions.

Further Information: