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Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Construction & Building Maintenance, Energy & Utilities, Universities & Colleges


The Power Within is a leading motivational intelligence training and development provider. By leveraging cutting-edge research in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and social psychology, we help individuals and organisations achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Our unique, bespoke approach has helped us grow our client list, team, products, and reputation. Our flagship offering, the Leading with Motivational Intelligence course, has been ranked as one of the top leadership development programs in the world for three consecutive years.

With a presence in Glasgow, Aberdeen and London, we deliver leadership and development training worldwide, including partnerships with key stakeholders in the construction, energy, and oil and gas sectors.

We continue to attract new business and build our reputation by embracing new working methods, expanding our services and products, and collaborating with partners worldwide.

Our unique approach to developing peak-performing employees goes beyond traditional means of closing skill gaps. Instead, we focus on closing the underlying belief gaps that cause virtually every employee performance issue. Our motivational intelligence programs, mindset performance, and self-leadership development tools have been successfully modified and developed to meet the needs of almost every employee in a business.

Our mission is to give leaders the tools and knowledge to achieve their full potential while increasing their self-confidence and self-belief through Motivational Intelligence. We strive to support today's businesses to become tomorrow's leaders. Our company values are aligned with this mission, which includes being courageous, never stopping learning, uncovering potential, and being yourself.

Vision: Unlocking the full potential of business leaders worldwide through the power of Motivational Intelligence.

Mission: Empowering leaders with the tools and knowledge to foster a positive, growth-oriented workplace culture that enables individuals to thrive."

Purpose: To support the transformation of businesses and organisations by offering life-changing leadership and business development programs, inspiring leaders to overcome obstacles and creating a culture of innovation and success.

Our Value Proposition: Become The Leader of tomorrow today. Motivational Intelligence will help you uncover your true potential, create positive life habits, and build a high-performance mindset that will guide you to becoming the success story you know you have inside you.

Accredited Activities:

  • Accelerate: Sales & Leadership Development “The Success Formula”
  • The Business Growth Academy
  • Self Leadership Development
  • Mental Health Awareness ‘First Line of Defence’
  • Business Coaching & Mentoring (27 Hours)
  • Business Coaching & Mentoring (37 Hours)

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